Books to Buy

Buy the book before you buy the poster.

Decades of experience and thousands of collectors have proven this to be an incontrovertible law for success. In fact, we have yet to meet even a single collector who has successfully neglected this rule — and this applies to any collectible — not just vintage rock concert posters! The bottom line is that the more educated you are, the more successful you will be – no exceptions!


Eric King's Collector's Guide to Psychedelic Rock Concert Posters, Postcards and Handbills 1965 to 1973

by Eric King

The entire Psychedelic Art community is indebted to Mr. King for compiling the incredibly detailed information contained in this monumental work. A must for anyone even considering collecting.


This is the bible of collectors everywhere. A spectacular visual and oral history, this giant tome will look great on your coffee table. This book is frequently sold out, but we can assist you in obtaining a copy.


The Art of The Fillmore: The Poster Series 1966 - 1971

by Bill Graham, Gayle Lemke, Jacaeber Kastor, Mickey Hart

Another “must have” volume that features the Bill Graham numbered and unnumbered series created exclusively for the San Francisco and New York Fillmore dance concerts. Superb full color photos and everything is cross referenced by band and poster artists.


High Art: A History of the Psychedelic Poster

by Ted Owen

This history of the Psychedelic Poster is richly illustrated and contains information on European poster unanavailable anywhere else. Highly Recommended!


Off The Wall: Psychedelic Rock Posters from San Francisco

by Amelie Gastaut, Jean-Pierre Criqui

This book features some of the best photos ever taken of Psychedelic Art. A beautiful volume.


Bill Graham Presents: My Life Inside Rock and Out

by Bill Graham, Robert Greenfield

A first hand account of the birth of San Francisco rock and roll and the inventor of the Ballroom Scene. Learn for yourself why Bill Graham is widely recognized as the greatest concert promoter of all time.


The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

by Tom Wolfe

An insider’s account of the psychedelic revolution. Take a bus ride with Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters as they wreak havoc up and down the West Coast. A legendary tale.


The Psychedelic Rock Files

by Jerry Lucky

A look back at the trippy sixties, how psychedleic rock music came into being and an in depth exploration on the impact it’s had on future generations.


Mouse and Kelley

by Stanley Mouse, Alton Kelley

The story of two of the most popular and influential poster artists of all time.


Freehand: The Art of Stanley Mouse

by Stanley Mouse

Another book on one of the original San Francisco Five. Super High Quality illustrations!


The Art of Rick Griffin

by Rick Griffin

The story of the art and life of what many consider to be the greatest psychedelic poster artist of all time.


Heart and Torch: Rick Griffin’s Transcendence

by Laguna Art Museum

This book was published in conjunction with a Rick Griffin retrospective that was recently featured at The Laguna Art Museum. Simply outstanding in every respect!